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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My name is Ash and I'd like to explain my vision behind this blog.

Many years ago my grandfather was diagnosed with some serious heart issues and was told to go home and settle his affairs, but neither he, nor my grandmother, intended to take that advice. They banded together and sought multiple specialists, spend many hours in research, and even more in prayer. My grandfather lived another 7 years on those prayers, his family's support, and a low-sodium diet that was very fruit and vegetable heavy. From then on their table included much less meat and dairy, and salt substitutions like Vegisal and Mrs. Dash appeared. Our entire family ate differently because of his diagnosis.

Today, in an effort towards a healthier lifestyle, my husband and I like to have several v*gan meals a week. We also eat vegan for a month out of every year. I personally do not employ a lot of soy-based products as I am highly sensitive to soy... plus reading all the ingredients on those products scares me a little! I like to stick to simple ingredients and love to experiment with international flavors.

I want this blog to be a resource for transitional v*gan recipes and ideas for anyone cooking for v*gan friends, family members, restrictive diets, or even just wanting to incorporate more v*gan meals into their routine. How ever you came to stumble upon this site, welcome!


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